#20 Alternative Facts: Melania Trump's Revenge on President Dirty D*ck


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Here is this episode’s segment schedule:
  • Podcast Intro (start time: 00:00)
  • 🌹 Come into My World 🌹 (start time: 03:19)
  • No, I’m First, America Maybe Second (start time: 40:33)
  • Melania’s Revenge on President Dirty Dick (start time: 1:05:48)
  • Podcast Outro (start time: 1:15:15)
Here are some of this episode's Real Talk Highlights:
  1. Betrayal and trust are two sides of the same coin.  How do you determine who you will trust and who you will betray?
  2. Trump’s voters say America First.  But, it’s really each man for himself. 
  3. Let’s imagine Melania Trump as a woman on the war path.  Flotus putting her foot up Potus’s ass and down his throat for cheating.
May 3, 2019