#17 Flip the Script: Keeping It Real on Workplace Harassment


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Download this episode, unplug from life and dive ALL IN.  Today's show is called ‘Flip the Script'. 
Here is this episode’s segment schedule:
  1. Podcast Intro (start time: 00:00)
  2. 🌹 Come into My World 🌹 (start time: 03:17)
  3. Who’s responsible for sexual harassment-the culprit or the survivor? (start time: 34:18)
  4. Who really needs safeguarding from Mueller- Trump or his allies? (start time: 50:58)
  5. Podcast Outro (start time: 1:01:55)
Here are some of this episode's Real Talk Highlights:
  1. Are a shit taker or a shit giver?
  2. In my perfect world, we’d take our power back and flip the script on sexual harassers and give them a taste of their demented sexual medicine. 
  3. Are key allies protecting Trumps crooked behavior or hiding a bigger criminal political conspiracy?
May 3, 2019